DIECIOCHO · ANEJO 6 (Fall 2020)

Author Title Page
Fuentes, Yvonne “Introduction: Peripheral Identities in the Hispanic World” 7-8
Cera, Miriam “Spanish Identity, Between the Center and the Periphery. The Role of the History of Architecture” 9-30
Fuentes, Yvonne “"Dr. Vicente Alañó y Serviá and the Calaix de sastre: Intersecting Threads” 31-50
Meléndez, Mariselle “La verdad es ésta y ustedes quédense con su mentira: Black Women's Identities and the Question of Truth in Eighteenth-Century Buenos Aires” 51-68
Mercer, Leigh “Joan Ramis and the Exaltation of Catalan Identity and Resistance in Lucrècia o Roma libre (1769) and Arminda (1771)” 69-84
Stolley, Karen “'Peje entre dos aguas': Mestizo Subjects in the Eighteenth-Century Hispanic Empire” 85-104
Valle, Enid “Competing Histories of the Pehuenches in NineteenthCentury Chile: Egaña, Carvallo, Pérez García” 105-118
Wolters, Nicholas “Crafting Men: Apprentices, Men's Work, and Masculinity in Eighteenth-Century Catalonia” 119-142